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My name is Steve Perry, and I started Makoto Consulting Group to do three things.


Great work without engagement falls flat. It's important to me that you are engaged with me, whether it be during a Training class, or in the process of creating great software that meets your needs.


Early in my career I knew I had a strong drive to share what I know with others. I don't consider what I know some kind of secret that if given away renders me irrelevant or worthless. Rather, I believe if an expert doesn't share what they know, you need a new expert.


Software development doesn't have to be boring. I love writing code, doing training classes, mentoring others, and working with developers, business analysts, managers, executives, pretty much everyone involved in writing great software. But often the dry nature of requirements gathering, coding, testing, etc., can give a "death march" feeling to a project. So it's important to me to bring as much joy as possible into what I do, which helps me stay engaged.

Teaching people what I know is what gets me excited about IT.

Summary in 30 seonds

3E is why I do what I do. It's the soul of my company.

My name is Steve Perry. I've been a professional software developer since 1991, and I want to teach you what I know. Thanks for stopping by.

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